Schedule & Results, 2018 Mike Mulvaney Memorial "HL", 2017-2018 (Peterborough Hockey Association)

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Friday, February 16, 2018
BAN-AB-179:00 AMATOM Oakville Raiders2-5Peterborough Green
NOV-AN-19:00 AMNC Oakville Snow Devils1-5Peterborough Dodge Vipers
PW-AP-119:15 AMPGHA Listowel Black5-1Peterborough Orange Crush
NOV-AN-210:00 AMNC Ayr Flames1-0Peterborough Dodge Phoenix
BAN-AB-1810:10 AMATOM Nepean Raiders, Team H4-1Petawawa Generals
PW-AP-1210:15 AMPGHA Arnprior Puckers1-4Leitrim Hawks Peewee B2
ATO-AA-511:00 AMNC Leitrim Hawks Atom B39-3Peterborough Team #2
MID-AM-2711:00 AMPHA Barry's Bay Grizzlies4-4Peterborough Black
PW-AP-1311:15 AMPGHA West End Ice Hawks4-0Kanata Wolverines B2
BAN-AB-1911:20 AMATOM Gloucester Cougars1-6Russell Warriors
ATO-AA-612:00 PMNC Leitrim Hawks Atom B43-0Peterborough Atomic Fire
MID-AM-2812:10 PMPHA Leeds Chargers5-4Peterborough Team #5
BAN-AB-2012:30 PMATOM Kemptville Panthers B111-0Kanata Supreme Hypebeasts C1
ATO-AA-71:00 PMNC Nepean Raiders Atom B Team I0-7Brockville Jr Braves
MID-AM-291:20 PMPHA Muskrat Warriors2-2Leitrim Hawks Midget B4
BAN-AB-211:40 PMATOM Peterborough Green2-4Orleans Rush B2
NOV-AN-32:00 PMNC Peterborough Dodge Phoenix0-4Oakville Snow Devils
PW-AP-142:15 PMPGHA Leitrim Hawks Peewee B23-4Listowel Black
MID-AM-302:30 PMPHA Pembroke Midget 31-1Leitrim Hawks Midget B1
NOV-AN-43:00 PMNC Peterborough Dodge Vipers4-1Ayr Flames
PW-AP-153:15 PMPGHA Peterborough Orange Crush3-2West End Ice Hawks
MID-AM-313:40 PMPHA Peterborough Black3-5West Carleton Warriors
ATO-AA-84:00 PMNC Peterborough Atomic Fire6-6Leitrim Hawks Atom B3
MID-AM-324:50 PMPHA Peterborough Team #57-0Barry's Bay Grizzlies
ATO-AA-95:00 PMNC Brockville Jr Braves4-0Leitrim Hawks Atom B4
BAN-AB-225:15 PMPGHA Petawawa Generals3-5Oakville Raiders
ATO-AA-106:00 PMNC Peterborough Team #22-5Nepean Raiders Atom B Team I
MID-AM-336:00 PMPHA Leitrim Hawks Midget B43-1Leeds Chargers
BAN-AB-236:25 PMPGHA Russell Warriors1-4Nepean Raiders, Team H
PW-AP-167:00 PMNC Kanata Wolverines B21-9Arnprior Puckers
Saturday, February 17, 2018
BAN-AB-247:00 AMPHA Peterborough Green2-2Petawawa Generals
MID-AM-347:00 AMMEM Leitrim Hawks Midget B12-8Muskrat Warriors
NOV-AN-367:00 AMNC Peterborough Dodge Vipers3-2Peterborough Dodge Phoenix
BAN-AB-257:15 AMPGHA Orleans Rush B22-2Kemptville Panthers B1
NOV-AN-378:00 AMNC Ayr Flames4-5Oakville Snow Devils
BAN-AB-268:10 AMPHA Kanata Supreme Hypebeasts C15-2Gloucester Cougars
MID-AM-358:10 AMMEM West Carleton Warriors1-3Pembroke Midget 3
PW-AP-448:25 AMPGHA Leitrim Hawks Peewee B26-5Peterborough Orange Crush
ATO-AA-389:00 AMNC Leitrim Hawks Atom B48-3Peterborough Team #2
PW-AP-459:25 AMPGHA West End Ice Hawks1-1Arnprior Puckers
ATO-AA-3910:00 AMNC Nepean Raiders Atom B Team I5-2Leitrim Hawks Atom B3
PW-AP-4610:25 AMPGHA Kanata Wolverines B21-3Listowel Black
MID-AM-5810:30 AMPHA Leeds Chargers5-2Barry's Bay Grizzlies
ATO-AA-4011:00 AMNC Brockville Jr Braves5-2Peterborough Atomic Fire
MID-AM-5911:25 AMPGHA Muskrat Warriors7-6Peterborough Team #5
MID-AM-6011:40 AMPHA Leitrim Hawks Midget B40-2Peterborough Black
NOV-CHN-CH-6712:00 PMNC Ayr Flames3-5Oakville Snow Devils
BAN-AB-5012:35 PMPGHA Gloucester Cougars2-12Peterborough Green
BAN-AB-5212:50 PMPHA Orleans Rush B22-4Nepean Raiders, Team H
NOV-CHN-CH-681:00 PMNC Peterborough Dodge Phoenix3-4Peterborough Dodge Vipers
BAN-AB-511:45 PMPGHA Kanata Supreme Hypebeasts C10-3Oakville Raiders
ATO-AA-412:00 PMNC Leitrim Hawks Atom B30-1Leitrim Hawks Atom B4
MID-AM-612:00 PMPHA Leitrim Hawks Midget B11-3West Carleton Warriors
PW-AP-472:00 PMMEM Kanata Wolverines B21-4Leitrim Hawks Peewee B2
BAN-AB-532:55 PMPGHA Kemptville Panthers B13-0Russell Warriors
ATO-AA-423:00 PMNC Peterborough Atomic Fire2-0Nepean Raiders Atom B Team I
PW-AP-483:00 PMMEM Peterborough Orange Crush4-1Arnprior Puckers
MID-AM-623:10 PMPHA Barry's Bay Grizzlies0-3Pembroke Midget 3
ATO-AA-434:00 PMNC Peterborough Team #21-9Brockville Jr Braves
PW-AP-494:00 PMMEM Listowel Black3-1West End Ice Hawks
MID-AM-634:20 PMPHA Peterborough Black2-0Leeds Chargers
BAN-AB-555:15 PMPGHA Petawawa Generals6-0Kanata Supreme Hypebeasts C1
BAN-AB-546:25 PMPGHA Russell Warriors0-0Orleans Rush B2
MID-AM-646:30 PMPHA Peterborough Team #54-5Leitrim Hawks Midget B1
BAN-AB-567:35 PMPGHA Oakville Raiders3-2Gloucester Cougars
MID-AM-657:40 PMPHA Pembroke Midget 33-5Muskrat Warriors
BAN-AB-578:45 PMPGHA Nepean Raiders, Team H2-7Kemptville Panthers B1
MID-AM-668:50 PMPHA West Carleton Warriors3-5Leitrim Hawks Midget B4
Sunday, February 18, 2018
A-CHA-CH-707:00 AMPHA Nepean Raiders Atom B Team I0-1Leitrim Hawks Atom B4
A-CHA-CH-717:15 AMPGHA Peterborough Atomic Fire0-8Brockville Jr Braves
PW-CHP-CH-738:00 AMPHA Peterborough Orange Crush3-4Leitrim Hawks Peewee B2
PW-CHP-CH-748:15 AMPGHA West End Ice Hawks5-0Listowel Black
BAN-CHB-CH-769:00 AMPHA Nepean Raiders, Team H1-2Oakville Raiders
BAN-CHB-CH-779:15 AMPGHA Peterborough Green0-6Kemptville Panthers B1
MID-CHM-CH-7910:10 AMPHA Leitrim Hawks Midget B42-1Pembroke Midget 3
MID-CHM-CH-8010:25 AMPGHA Peterborough Black1-2Muskrat Warriors
NOV-CHN-CH-6911:20 AMPHA Oakville Snow Devils1-3Peterborough Dodge Vipers
A-CHA-CH-7211:35 AMPGHA Leitrim Hawks Atom B40-3Brockville Jr Braves
PW-CHP-CH-7512:30 PMPHA Leitrim Hawks Peewee B22-1West End Ice Hawks
BAN-CHB-CH-8012:55 PMPGHA Oakville Raiders2-4Kemptville Panthers B1
MID-CHM-CH-811:45 PMPHA Leitrim Hawks Midget B41-0Muskrat Warriors
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